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Know more about Mosquito
Publisher name: Publisher date:2012-1-3 Read:26650tim

With the approach of summer, mosquitoes (commonly known as mosquito), more likely to fly, Japanese encephalitis, dengue fever epidemic is about to pop into the season, so experts warn the general public, it is necessary to do a good job in prevention and control of Japanese encephalitis, dengue fever transmission Work of the disease. However, "The Art of War" goes, "Know thy enemy and know, Baizhanbudai." We have to understand the habits of mosquitoes is understood that anti-mosquito effort in order to Fang Ying.
Mosquitoes with a light reminder of
Phototaxis (phototaxis) is the bio-stimulation light of the trend. In Flora, with the migration of plant chloroplasts often can be found, such as migratory green algae, various species of migratory son of flagellum algae, and red algae Shuangbian bacteria are a case in point. In the animal kingdom, there are also phototaxis. In the absence of Animals receptor differentiation, such as Paramecium who have shown, but most of the animals through the eyes sensitive to, and this animal has become a major factor in the action. There are two optical stimulation, is a light scattering of light by stimulating, and the other is a different intensity gradient of diffuse light stimulation, and the response to phototactic mechanism is also very different, not sexual orientation to become more targeted, etc. Various forms. Phototaxis in response to the study, it has been the role of several different spectra, and found some minor incentives such as temperature, light and chemicals, many of phototaxis have a certain influence; In addition, many animals unique to the performance of optical stimulation Taxis patterns, such as more goals, more reservations, back light and light reaction abdominal response, and so on. Some animals (snails, rats and women, Ma Lu, Yang Chi Caterpillar, etc.) have become dark, that is, more light was the reverse of (negative phototaxis).
Modern studies suggest that nocturnal insects with their navigation phototaxis way. They are often based on the moon for navigation coordinates, and the flight is not perpendicular to the moon, but showed bias; lights and they will be mistaken for the moon, the result will asymptote to spiral into the path of lights. As a result, the nocturnal insect phototaxis most obvious, such as the armyworm, Metarhizium, mosquitoes and so on. The "fire moths," the most well-known people.
Because of the mosquitoes phototaxis, many households in the open every night after the sun sets, the mosquitoes will be outdoor and indoor lights to attract the next territory, people's lives a lot of trouble.
Know thy enemy and know the anti-mosquito devices
Traditional methods of mosquito control are usually very strong smell of the disc-shaped mosquito coils and electrical mosquito tablets. However, more complex elements of mosquito coils, the environment will have a certain negative impact.
"Every summer, there will be a lot of cough and asthma and allergies in children come to visit, asked about the reasons, many of which are due to the use of mosquito repellent at night caused. As a result, children should not use anti-mosquito mosquito coils." Minister Li told Reporters, mosquito coils more complex components, even the electric mosquito coils, burning smoke particles will be formed when the smaller bedroom space, a greater concentration of smoke particles, can easily cause coughing, chest tightness, reaction, and even induced asthma.
Since the mosquito has become the light of life habits, why not use it for the animals trap it. Insect killers also came into being, is the use of mosquito insect killers of phototaxis, mosquitoes will be attracted back to the death of electric shock. In the commercial, agriculture, hotel and home, and so on are widely used. Because there is no volatile chemicals, and by the general public of all ages.


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