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Company:Foshan Excellent Electricals Mfg.Co.Ltd
Person: Mr. Liu
Address: No. 6 Nanhe Road,Chendajiao Ind.Zone, Beijiao Town,Shunde District,Foshan City of Guangdong Province
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Electric insect killer VS mosquito-repellent incense
Publisher name: Publisher date:2012-1-3 Read:15500tim

In order to study the electronic anti-mosquito coils and light contrast of strengths and weaknesses,we have 500 families and business users,100 distributors to carry out anti-mosquito coils appliances and electronic insect killers to carry out an interview. Following is a summary of data obtained by the study as a reference.
Data showed that 8 into the respondents understand the electronic insect killers,and only about 4 into the family will make use of electronic insect killers,insect killers of users concentrated in the business. However,after investigation,the electronic anti-mosquito coils of light has a comparative advantage,more and more customers.
Compare mosquito. - Electronic insect killers more environmentally friendly and more effective.
Mosquito coils,it has been introduced,most of the active ingredient in mosquito coils (0.2% -0.4%) is a fat pyrethrum insecticide,which is a kind of insecticide permethrin C extracted,99 percent more than other organic material is filling ,Adhesives,dyes and other additives,mosquito coils so that the flame can not smolder. Most consumers do not understand is that this type of mosquito coils burning smoke contains 4 categories of substances hazardous to health,that is,the ultra-fine particles (less than 2.5 microns in diameter particulate matter),polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs),carbonyl Compounds (such as formaldehyde and acetaldehyde) and benzene. Respiratory experts have pointed out that a point of mosquito coils released from the ultra-fine particles and burning cigarettes 75-137 of the same volume,the release of its ultra-fine particles can enter and remain in the lungs,a short period of time could trigger asthma,may be a long-term Cause cancer.


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